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Well if you've made it this far your interested enough to hear my story. I tried to play guitar as a teenager but never really got anywhere. In college I ran out of money and sold my guitar and amp. I was 21 at the time and I remember thinking when I graduate and get a job I'll buy new equipment and start playing again. I graduated from College in 1986 and started a career as and environmental scientist. In 1987 I met my future wife Debbie Balentine and well playing music again took a back seat to life, love, marriage, and a family. Always a lover of music and concert fan I never thought about picking up the guitar again. One day I was driving and passed one of the old Mars Music stores and something told me to go in. I walked out of that store with a guitar and amp having not played in about 20 years. Quietly I started playing in my basement and practiced 15 hours a week or so. I took lessons for 3 years from the renowned guitarist Jeff Scheetz. Without those lessons I never would have gotten anywhere. From about 2006-2009 I played at jam nights around Kansas City and was satisfied with that and happy to be playing again. Everything changed for me in May 2011 when my wife of 25 years was stricken with brain cancer. After a fierce battle she passed away in November 2012. One way I managed the grief was to throw myself into playing and I started writing my own songs. Around that time I met Chas Evans and we struck up a songwriting team that has lasted 9 years, 6 albums , and numerous other singles. I think if you listen to my albums you can see my playing and songwriting has gotten better over time but truthfully I've accomplished more in music than I ever expected as I wrote my first song at age 49. My last album "Dreams of '72" was released in June 2020 and since then I've taken a break from music after 6 albums of original music in 8 years. 

Throughout I've been a full time environmental scientist and have managed cleanup of many of the largest hazardous waste sites in America which has always taken priority over the music which I never wanted to be my job. 

Mike Franano

Music From the Soul

Rock, Blues, and Reggae