Thursday's recording session went great I am sure the best I've ever played. One more day in the studio and the new album is done!!!

In the studio tomorrow only 2 more sessions adding lead guitar and the new album is done. Exciting!

My streams on Spotify are now over 460,000. When it hits 500k there will be some sort of celebration! Thanks to everyone who has ever listened. When you write songs all you hope for is that someone listens and enjoys the experience.

New Single

"Looking for You"

I have a new single that is not on my upcoming album which should be out in June. 

I am hoping about 3 more weeks to get back in the studio. All I need to do is add guitar solos to the last 4 songs and my new album "Dreams of '72" is done. A June release seems possible if the world opens back up soon.

Dreams of '72

Classic Rock Coming this Summer!

1. Face Your Fear

2. Sun in My Face

3. Candle Wax Blues

4. Cherry Blossom Morning

5. The Lion's Breath

6. Delusion

7. The Darkest Light

8. A Story

9. Dreams of '72

April 15th will always be a great day!!!