A little bit of background. I came late to being a songwriter and recording artist. I played a little guitar as a teenager but had to sell my equipment to pay for tuition my senior year in college. I thought I'd pick it up again when I got a job. I got busy with life and didn't touch a guitar again for 20 years. At age 28 I decided to take up again one of my great passions in life Baseball. I loved baseball and was a high school pitcher. Kansas City started a Men's baseball league for those of us who still wanted to play. I spent the next 12 years devoting my spare time and energy into playing baseball. That was an itch I was grateful I got to scratch but around the age of 40 I tore my rotator cuff and retirement from baseball was upon me. I remember thinking I definitely was going to need something to focus on in my spare time. One day in 2003 I drove past one of the old Mars Music shops in the Kansas City area. Something made me pull into the parking lot and walk in. Just one of many moments of destiny that have occurred in my life. I walked out with a guitar and practice amp and decided to start playing again and began practicing.

As luck would have it a friend of mine told me he was taking guitar lessons from Jeff Scheetz. Jeff is a well known guitarist with a national following who happened to give lessons in the Kansas City area. I took lessons from Jeff for 3 years. I wouldn't  have gotten anywhere as a guitar player without his help. At the very end of taking lessons from Jeff he gave me the single best advice I've ever gotten in music, "why don't you write your own songs".

For the next 5 years I played in some cover bands, went to jam nights etc. and quietly started trying to write some songs. It went nowhere. I had no confidence in what I was doing and just floundered. I wanted to play lead guitar but wasn't very good at it so I focused on practicing that. In 2011 my wife of 20 years at the time Debbie was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. My life was turned upside down. As she neared the end of her life I threw myself into writing songs. It helped me deal with the loss. I wrote 10 songs and then decided I wanted to get at least one of them recorded but had no idea how. Enter destiny again. I met Chas Evans and Gordon Wolfgang right around the same time in 2012. Chas is a musician and singer and Gordon ran a recording studio in my area. Without these 2 I would not have accomplished any of the things I have in music. Since I do not sing Chas has been the singer on every song we have recorded. He has also co-written music and helped with the recording. I have written every single lyric to every song I have ever recorded. Gordon has been instrumental as he has mixed and mastered every song in his studio here. Also, Gina Alianello from Leech Lake Minnesota did the graphic design on all 6 of my album covers and most of the singles. Her work made my stuff look professional and with the online nature of music these days that is crucial. Jaime Russell of Anthem Photography in Kansas City has been the photographer for me on all my music projects and her work has definitely helped make my stuff look more professional and to market my music through social media. I have been blessed to have worked with this group of people over the last 8 years and they all had a role in my music.

Since my first album was released 8 years ago I have done 6, all completed with the same group of people helping along the way. I have created 2 separate pages on this website which discusses more specifics about the albums and singles. I hope you'll check those out.